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How to get $10 for free

How to get $10 for free
Invite your friends to shop on the website. When your friends place an order on the website and pay for the first order, you can get 1000 Credit points (100 Credit points = US$ 1). In addition, for every order of your friend in the future, you Both can get Credit points rewards.
For example, you invite your friend Anna to place an order on the website. When Anna pays $120 for the first order, you can get 1120 Credit points, the order amount is $120, the reward is 120 Credit points, and the first order is an extra 1000 Credit points.
When anna pays the second order of 220 USD, you can get 220 Credit points, and you can get rewards for every order that anna pays in the future.
How to invite friends
1. Log in to your account,
2. Click Affiliate, as shown in the figure

How to use credit points
When you submit an order, you can use credit points, as shown in the picture

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